Where it all started …

Richard Trenkwalder started out as an entrepreneur in March 1985 with a technical engineering office in Schwadorf, Lower Austria. During his numerous visits to foreign countries, he became acquainted with temporary staffing, a service that was already well-established in the Netherlands, the UK, and Scandinavia, but still relatively unknown in Austria.


Trenkwalder began its international expansion to Central and Eastern Europe and opened its first foreign branch office in Slovakia.

1999 - 2000

Business opening in Hungary and Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic.
Market leadership in Austria.

2001 - 2004

Establishing branch offices in Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Serbia and in Poland.
Market leadership in Hungary and Slovakia.

2006 - 2008

Further expansion to Liechtenstein, Switzerland, followed by Turkey, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania and Greece.


Düsseldorf-based family business Droege Group acquires more than 75 % of Trenkwalder International AG (now Trenkwalder Group AG), including all subsidiaries.

Since 2012

The service portfolio expands to include executive search, HR services & consulting, and business process outsourcing. Meanwhile, core business goes increasingly digital: mobile recruiting, social media campaigns, use of job boards and e-learning applications become standard. In their search for talent, countries intensify cross-border recruitment. 


Trenkwalder celebrates its 30th anniversary.


Trenkwalder acquires “papagei.com”, the multi award-winning video language portal, and thereby expands into advanced interactive A/V learning with “Trenkwalder Learning”. The application’s architecture and graphical user interface (GUI) are based on recent cognitive research.

Since 2019

Helping to bridge the gap between available and required tech talent, Trenkwalder offers IT services, along with its more established practises: international recruitment and selection, executive search, stocktaking and learning solutions.