Our Vision

We shape a new way of work, life and learning.

Our Mission

As a company with a strong heritage, we uphold our corporate culture of continuity, reliability and social responsibility, everywhere we are and in everything we do. Aiming at creating value for all members of society in the digital age, we empower people, enable careers and build sustainable relationships based on trust, respect and steadiness. We put great emphasis on the right to work as well as on professional and personal growth. Driven by the spirit of innovation and partnership, we are committed to providing the best services and products in the HR sector. Turning the digitalized world´s potential to account, we design optimal recruiting and work solutions, as well as conditions in an ever-changing environment.


Our Core Values

We have defined a set of core values which form the shared foundation of our business practices. We offer continuity and reliability in a highly dynamic market by thinking and acting according to our values. These values provide orientation and serve as a guiding compass for all of us.



… striving for a deep respect for human beings inside and outside our company is our key driver. We care for the wellbeing of all our employees and make sure, that they can rely on us in every matter.



… focusing on fairness, integrity and transparency is the guider of our daily business routines. We build and expand trust and meaningful relationships.



… taking over responsibility and accountability for our actions, we shape the business and the future. We strive for excellence and going the extra mile to forward-looking and unique solutions for our clients and candidates.



…knowing how our markets work, we understand and stay updated in future practices, trends, technologies, and winning concepts and strategies. We develop and bring forward our client’s key success factors.



…navigating effectively with change dynamics, we offer progressive business-oriented solutions, and continuously optimize our products and services. Innovation, flexibility, and our networking structure keeps us ahead.