Dr. Matthias Wechner is named as new CEO of Trenkwalder Austria

Dr. Matthias Wechner (41) will be the new CEO of Trenkwalder Personaldienste GmbH Austria from the beginning of July 2018. From that point on, he will take over responsibility for business in Austria and furthermore the coordination of activities of the country organizations based in Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

As a native of Tyrol, he has been in-charge of G4S Secure Solutions AG, the Austrian market leader in the field of security services since 2011. Dr. Matthias Wechner is also the Chair of the Federation of Austrian Industry in Vienna, a member of the supervisory board of Webster University and spokesman for the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Matthias Wechner on his move to Trenkwalder: “Flexible working conditions have become a strong driver of the domestic economy. New forms of service will become increasingly important given the current shortage of skilled workers and advancing digitalisation. Our aim is to adapt our services to suit the digital age and to play a key role in shaping developments in the labour market. We will put all our efforts into achieving this aim and we are already integrating the trends of the future into what we offer today.”

More information can be found in the press release