GEWINN InfoDay 2017

The GEWINN InfoDay, Austria’s largest economic congress for students aged 16 and over, took place at the Congress Center of Messe Wien on November 21, 2017.

Around 6,000 students from all over Austria, accompanied by their teachers, took part in discussions with top politicians, CEOs of Austrian companies and top experts.

In the course of the congress program of the GEWINN InfoDay, Martin Jäger, COO of Trenkwalder Group AG, spoke about the jobs of the future. He explained how megatrends affect our future and how digitization changes the job market worldwide.

Martin Jäger, COO Trenkwalder Group at Gewinn InfoDay 2017
Martin Jäger, COO Trenkwalder Group at Gewinn InfoDay 2017

Trenkwalder at Gewinn InfoDay 2017
The Trenkwalder Booth at the GEWINN Info Day
From left to right: Patrick Schönbauer, Rahul Agarwal, Martin Jäger, Iris Brunner, Nicole Müller

According to a study by Frey / Osborne 47 % of the current jobs will disappear in the next 25 years due to the effects of digitalization. Which jobs disappear and which remain, which qualifications will become increasingly important and what the work environment of the future can look like, was the tenor of Martin Jäger’s speech in front of more than 800 interested students.