Trenkwalder IT Services moved to a new data center

Trenkwalder hands over the responsibility of IT operations to A1. From left to right: Rudolf Fialka (TRK IT Services), Nermin Music (TRK AT), Manfred Halwax (A1), Charly Neumann (TRK Group)


As a continuation of the IT strategy to move data to the cloud, the data center in Bratislava was shut down in 2018 and global IT Services were transferred to a new data center in Vienna.
On a standardized infrastructure platform, provider A1 is hosting parts of Trenkwalder IT operations in a private cloud (IaaS, infrastructure as a service). The geo-redundant setup of all IT components (server, storage, and network) in two locations allows high availability and full business continuity.  
In addition to higher performance, Trenkwalder benefits from a 24/7 support concept and state-of-the-art security standards. It is worth mentioning that Trenkwalder has a successful partnership with A1 for more than ten years now. A new IT era for Trenkwalder has begun!