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Trenkwalder’s new, cloud-based HR support services: CRM and Back Office Support from a home office

Trenkwalder now offers a remote working solution for B2B and B2C Customer-Relationship-Management Services: Hundreds of call center agents now provide continuous and seamless service to a variety of B2B and B2C active customers from their home offices.

Following the outbreak of the Corona crisis, Trenkwalder seamlessly relocated hundreds of back-office support and call center agents in Greece and Turkey to home offices. Within 48 hours, the Trenkwalder organization in Turkey moved over 400 highly qualified agents from offices in Athens, Istanbul and Izmir to their home offices. Hardware was deployed with necessary restrictions to ensure GDPR criteria, and software was installed very quickly. “Our agents provide technical support, compliance management, as well as some other services on behalf of our clients just as before and at requested quality levels. I am really happy about our team – they showed really high flexibility, know-how and innovation spirit! We expect the number of agents to multiply in the coming weeks and months as we move forward without delay to deliver the new LOB (Line of Business) trainings through our virtual training class with the participation of our customers”, explains Erdem Emiroglu, Head of the Trenkwalder CRM Competence Center.

The fully digitalized processes applied by Trenkwalder made this fast move possible. Trenkwalder provides the “Home Agents” with all equipment needed (virtual phone systems, cloud-based software tools for customer interaction, performance measurement applications, etc.);
these agents are working for financial institutions, marketing companies or omni-channel retailers, and offer full service levels without interruption while maintaining the usual high-level productivity and quality levels.

Trenkwalder Germany has also started implementing the remote CRM solution and is now focusing on the further roll-out: “We expect Cloud HR Services to become an important factor in our business during the Corona crisis and beyond”, explains Trenkwalder Germany CFO/COO Mark Pollok. The Business Process Outsourcing Unit of Trenkwalder Germany is currently serving numerous clients in the healthcare and food sector, up to omni-channel media retail.

In these challenging times, many B2B and B2C companies face very high demand for support resources, namely Back Office Support and Call Center Services. The available remote CRM solutions created and run by Trenkwalder ensure the continuous and high-quality level support for clients. Moreover, it is a definitive solution for parents with child-care responsibilities and persons caring for elderly relatives.

Trenkwalder Cloud-Based Services: flexible, timely, and effective solutions for clients and candidates alike!

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