Trenkwalder launches mobile campaign with Wiener Linien

Job search and application via smartphone and profiles in social networks are part of the daily life of candidates. As part of the digital strategy, Trenkwalder aims to simplify job search and application process – regardless of where job seekers are, in the subway, in a cafe or in the gym.

In the Mobile Candidate Spot, Trenkwalder shows how mobile job search and application work. In only a few seconds, a suitable job can be selected and data from personal profiles (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn or XING) can be uploaded to send the application.

The spot is broadcasted on 44 Infoscreens in the eleven most frequented subway stations in Vienna from March 20 to 28, 2017. The spot is repeated every seven minutes, approximately 100 times per screen per day.

Link to the spot:

trenkwalder mobile campaign