Focusing on value-creation drivers allows our clients to increase their operational productivity. By enabling our clients to outsource non-core activities, our Business Process Outsourcing services become critical factors in achieving this goal. Our mandates across Central & East Europe comprise orders for CRM, supply chain management, and general industrial services. Our human cloud of experienced employees enables us to tackle projects, however large, at short notice. With a professional approach and precise operational execution, BPO reduces operating costs in the long term.

Call Centre Management - CRM
(inbound & outbound)

We help you to improve your contact and sales management, as well as your profitability.

Our CRM approach is based on implementing tailor-made solutions for each project assignment, allowing for flexibility on the fly. We offer integrated, inbound and outbound, multi-channel call-centre services for both B2B and B2C projects. Our agents speak German, English, Greek, Italian, Turkish, and French and provide solutions via voice, e-mail, social media, chat, and SMS.

We employ experienced and long-term associates, rather than temporary agents. We can also deploy integrated RPA (Robotic Process Automation), speech analytics and AI into our services to make sure our clients and end users we serve enjoy the ever expanding opportunities of the latest technologies.

Supply Chain Management

The way we work.

Our services range from simple inventory counts, to optimising stock order-procedures and strengthening pricing strategies, with audits and reports customised to our business partners needs. So far, we have serviced 135 partners, counting over 550 million items in 13,500 different venues in 81 cities and 15 different countries. 

We support client partners in:

  • stock and warehouse management
  • mobile stock-taking
  • inventory-labelling
  • reverse & forward logistics
  • assembly BPO
  • manufacturing.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Trenkwalder is the right partner for the present and future world of work.

Talent is our most valuable resource. This means we are eager to retain our best people as we are to bring into our organisation the right talent — i.e. identify, select, and recruit. Recruiting the right talent, however, is becoming more elusive and complex and “talent shortage” is a high in contemporary business agendas worldwide.

While internal talent development is a core corporate human resources competency, external recruitment is a Trenkwalder expertise and core business. Working closely with our client partners, our RPO experience has shown increased efficiency in talent attraction, better selection, lower attrition, and better behavioural coherency between newcomers and the welcoming team.

Trenkwalder IT Services
Bridging the talent-shortage gap.

To keep up with rapid changes in the digital landscape, it becomes crucial to use new technologies and digitize business processes end-to-end. However, European companies are facing a severe shortage of qualified tech talent.

Trenkwalder IT Services solves this issue by bridging the gap between companies and the IT competence needed to conceptualize and execute demanding IT projects.

This can be realized via turn-key projects, managed IT services or nearshore development services. Core competencies of our team are .NET, Java, PHP, C#, Angular, Node, React, iOS, Android, SharePoint Solutions, SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics and more!

Remote and Home-Agent based Working Solutions

Flexible and customized working solutions for B2B and B2C Backoffice and CRM services
Trenkwalder offers remote working solutions for B2B and B2C Customer Relationship Management. Around 400 agents already provide technical support, compliance management services and others from their home offices.

Trenkwalder provides all equipment, such as virtual telephone systems and cloud-based software tools. Our customers derive from all kinds of business sectors: from finance institutions and marketing companies to omni-channel retailers.

Many B2B and B2C companies face a high demand for support resources, like Back Office Support and Call Center Services. The available remote CRM solution created and run by Trenkwalder ensures the continuous and high-quality level support for all clients.