The employment economy is changing. It is becoming more complex, more demanding in terms of flexibility and more gig - oriented. To keep up, corporations need to implement innovative operating procedures and internal policies. The key to success are the people. Highly qualified and motivated teams, on-time and as needed, are amongst the most valuable resources.To address these needs, Trenkwalder offers critical support in planning personnel needs, researching local labour legislation, regional labour market characteristics, talent availability and total employment costs. Our Business Process as a Service goes further to provide operational support through its dedicated activities: talent management, individual assessment and assessment centres, payroll services, and HR development.

Payroll Services

Trenkwalder is one of the leading HR service providers in Central and Eastern Europe.

For many customers, managing payroll is associated with time-consuming and costly administrative work. Collective labour agreements, benefits, social security regulations, time and attendance records, pension payments, various legal frameworks, government reports and tax deductions are just a few elements that make payroll accounting a complex environment to navigate in.

Trenkwalder takes over the complete payroll accounting for its customers and thus minimises the administrative burden for the customer every month. Thanks to years of expertise, companies can rely on the utmost care when handling confidential data and preparing payroll statements.

Corporate Training

Your new partner in Corporate Training – Your brain loves to learn that way.

Trenkwalder Learning is an innovative self-studying and blended learning portal, supporting 23 languages.

The platform offers an intuitive and unique training experience based on recent cognitive research. It is interactive, mobile, scalable and suitable for learners of all ages. Individual learners can log on at any time, leave and resume later, with ease. Content is certified and ranges from advanced language courses (measured fluency in 6-9 months) to tailor-made corporate training. To guarantee learning success experienced & certified trainer support is also available.

Training content can be tailored to the size of your company and your specific needs; it can also focus on selected individuals or teams — as required.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Benefit from the potential of highly qualified employees.

Trenkwalder ensures that your workforce has the right size, shape, cost, and agility, and allows corporate human resources to plan for skills and competencies they will need in future.

Our goal is to ensure that the right person is in the right position at the right moment.

Job Market Analysis for Site Selection / Relocation

Your strong partner with an international profile.

Choosing the right location is a critical success factor in any corporate expansion plan. In order to determine the best location for your business, our site-selection teams provide decision-critical data such as

  • comprehensive analysis of local workforce
  • infrastructure
  • related logistics
  • business climate
  • accessibility
  • economic incentives
  • real estate conditions.