MORE: The transformation principle of Droege Group.

Trenkwalder is the leading HR services provider in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 200 offices in 17 countries. In 2011, the transformation principle “MORE”, which has been established and successfully tested by the Droege Group, was implemented to secure the company’s future sustainability and to strengthen its competitiveness as a long-term business partner.


MORE strategy

MORE – Maintain

M as in Maintain

Maintain stands for the preservation and ongoing maintenance of the existing core business with satisfied customers and motivated employees. Furthermore, 30 years of experience in the labor markets of Europe are our business foundation and make us a knowledgeable, effective and reliable partner in all aspects of human resources. This is based on the operational support and financial flexibility provided by the majority shareholder Droege Group.

O as in Optimize

Optimize stands for the establishment of our programs of structured performance measurement / evaluation (“Performance Management”), holistic process optimization (“POP”) and digitalization particularly with regard to the Candidate Experience. We hereby provide the basis for the early identification of areas of activity and their timely implementation for the strategic development of the Trenkwalder Group via the core dimensions of profitability, productivity and efficiency.

MORE – Optimize

MORE – Reinvent

R as in Reinvent

As part of reinvent we align the company with the “Mega trend: business partner in all aspects of human resources” and evolve from a purely HR service provider to a staffing and HR manager with individual industry solutions (one-stop shopping in the field of HR management). Therefore the portfolio has been supplemented by additional services such as engineering (design and development) and Medical Care (medical professionals) in recent years. Furthermore Trenkwalder develops new digital business models in the HR area.

E as in Enhance

With enhance we lay the foundation for long-term appreciation of the group. The main drivers here are the further regional expansion to increase customer proximity, utilization of synergy within the Droege Group and especially the further refinement of our service portfolio along customer-specific value chains (“extended workbench” – Managed Services).

MORE – Enhance