Why Trenkwalder

The essence of our strength.

We consider ourselves to be personnel developers as well as a reliable partner for all the needs of the labor market. We help individuals and businesses to evolve themselves. Trenkwalder itself grew from a family business to an international concern with 50,000 employees throughout central and eastern Europe.

Whatever future you envisage, Trenkwalder will help you achieve it with direct access to the labor market and first-class contacts. We support your development and help you identify ways to make the most of every opportunity.

Know-How x 30
Three decades of experience on the European job markets

At Trenkwalder it’s our aim every day to meet the high expectations of our clients.This makes us a reliable partner for our clients. An annual customer satisfaction survey forms the basis of our innovative and service-oriented strategy. The results speak for themselves: Over 95% of all clients surveyed would recommend Trenkwalder to their business partners based on their experiences. (Quest Back Austria, 2013)

With three decades of experience in the European job markets, we have a strong foundation for innovative personnel solutions.




Our job managers undergo intensive training at the Trenkwalder Academy to guarantee that you receive expert advice and reliable support on all HR issues.

Your Trenkwalder job manager is your expert advisor on all personnel issues. The development of made-to-measure HR solutions, combined with support you can count on, guarantees that our clients receive the best possible service. Our job managers also offer rapid reaction and an in-depth knowledge of the labor market.

We use our wide-ranging experience to offer made-to-measure HR and industry solutions in the following areas:

  • Commercial: Accounting, payroll accounting, purchasing, administrative support, HR, marketing, sales etc.
  • Technical: Design, project management, automation, software engineering, IT support, QM & QA etc.
  • IT: Programming, IT system administration, network management, software development, SAP and Oracle experts, data analysis etc.
  • Industry: Production, maintenance, storage & logistics, electrical systems, mechanical systems, carpentry etc.
  • Construction: Building construction, public works, road construction, joinery, drywall construction, painting, plumbing etc.


Recruiting Skills
Solutions for your industry

Finding employees with the right skills set is getting harder all the time. To respond to the needs of our clients, our expertise is organized into specific fields to help you recruit the specialist staff you need. You can be sure that your new employee is exactly the right choice for your business.


International standards

International corporate standards in all key areas of our services and systematic, integrated quality management enable us to deliver service excellence and have made us a long-standing strategic partner to international companies.



One application – a host of career opportunities

We have a huge selection of jobs with over 15,000 companies. Our vacancies are continually updated and we offer free job market advice at our branches. But we do much more than just put candidates in touch with potential employers: Our job agents support your professional development and help you identify how you can fully exploit your opportunities.


Attractive employer
We focus on teamwork

As a responsible employer, we always take care of our employees. A recent employee satisfaction survey in 2018 showed that two thirds of our internal employees are very satisfied with their working conditions.

First and foremost, the team spirit among colleagues in order to achieve common goals was particularly positively emphasized. In the opinion of our employees, our corporate culture is also characterized by open interaction and the sharing of knowledge and information.

Nevertheless, it is always utterly important to us to improve as an employer, and so we are grateful for the numerous inputs and suggestions on how we can create an even more attractive working environment.

Trenkwalder B2C

The security of an international company
200+ offices in 17 countries

Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Turkey.